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Punch it right in its stupid fucking face.
Q: The fuck is this shit?
This is a walkthrough to help you install Forge and Galacticraft so you can play on my server. 
The process is a little complicated and all the other guides online are worth jack shit, or at the very least, they're not even half as sexy as this guide is.
I mean, goddamn. Look at it. Dynamic content, mobile supprt, floaty menu thingy. It's like I do websites for a living or something.
Q: Can't I just connect to the Galacticraft server right now with my vanilla copy?
No! Jesus Christ, why would I go through all this shit if you can just connect with vanilla Minecraft?
Q: Okay, fine. What is Forge?
Basically, it's framework so you can install mods. Minecraft runs Forge, Forge runs Galacticraft.
Q: Can I still play vanilla on your sexy-ass server?
Fuck yes, you can. Switch your profile to the latest vanilla copy, and connect to The forge connection is
Q: What if I'm a complete nerd and use Mac or Linux?
That's cool. The instructions should be the same, except you'll put the mod files in a different folder in Step 6.
No, no tears now.
You did good.
STEP 1: Click the pig.
Go on, do it. Click it. Click the goddamned pig.
STEP 2: Make a new Profile
While the virus is infecting your system Forge is downloading, open the pre-game launcher, and click the 'New Profile' button on the bottom left.
STEP 3: Save a copy of 1.7.10
The current version of Forge runs on 1.7.10. As Forge gets updated, this will change. If/when I decide to update the server, notifications will be sent out. Come back here to update your copy.
STEP 4: Run 1.7.10 once
You don't have to actually play, just opening the welcome screen is enough.
STEP 5: Unzip and run the installer
Once it's downloaded, extract all the files, and double-click the 'forge-XXX-installer.jar' file. You're going to install the CLIENT, and just say 'OK' to whatever.
For Mac and Linux users, make sure the .jar file is set to executable and opens with OpenJDK in Properties.
STEP 6: Add the mods
Just drag-and-drop 'GalacticraftCore', 'Galacticraft-Plan', and 'Micdoodle-Core' into
For Linux users,look in :  ~/.minecraft/mods
For Mac users, look in:   
~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods
STEP 7: Make a Forge profile
Just like in step 3, but this time, choose the new 'release-XXX-Forge-XXX' profile. 
At this point, you can delete the old vanilla 1.7.10 profile you made. Or don't. Whatever. I'm not your mom.
STEP 8: Run that shit
Connect to
That's it.
Standard server rules apply (i.e. don't be a dick). 
It's an open server, and everyone's welcome (see previous statement). 
For admin privileges, mode changes, mod installs, or other requests, contact me. I'm always open to suggestions for improvements.
See you, space cowboy.
If you need help, or if the server's down, or if it's a cold, lonely night and you need someone to talk to, send me a message.
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